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TRAINEX™ streamlines and reduces the planning, scheduling, proposing, processing and fulfillment cycle time for all your training needs by automating key bottle-necks that have been traditionally tedious and manual tasks.

TRAINEX™ will help you work more intelligently, gain more control, increase productivity & reduce stress.

Great learning organizations choose TRAINEX™ because of its :

  • Comprehensive and optimized management of their talent development & training management process
  • Unmatched flexibility and adaptability
  • Seamless integration into their information system
  • User friendly and simple interface designed to enhance productivity
  • Data sharing and key control indicators they need in real-time



Unique Organization Identity

Manages specific organization’s corporate information and brand identity

Drap & Drop Reporting Structure

Details an organization reporting structure and approval process

Competency Bank

Maps an organization’s core competencies

Employee History

Maintains comprehensive employee’s profile and competency proficiencies

Skills Based Management

Create and maintain skills development charts to manage competency map of employees

Training Needs Analysis

Intelligent module to manage gaps versus target skills fulfillment of employees

Training Course Mapping

Admin module for creating training program and core details

Trainer's History & Data

Allows you to manage important information about trainers, their profiles and skills sets

Scheduling & Calendaring

Manage schedule of events and utilize calendar views of trainer availability versus training needs

Program Approval

Manages employee assignment to programs and solicits approval workflow from manager

Logistics Management

Manages venue, food and other relevant logistical expense items

Expense Management

Heart of the cost management of trainex – training fees, logistics cost, etc

Email workflow

Accelerates email notification to employees and allows auto / manual reminder alerts

Employee's Dashboard

Employees login to a comprehensive database of previous (attended) and current required curriculum and approved training program

Manager's Portal

Enables any manager to see upcoming staff training, approve / reject request, manage feedbacks and submit training needs survey


Attendees Roster

Manages approved trainees registered for program, to be used as an attendance list

Event Registration

Allows onsite auto / manual registration using ID cards, tokens or approval vouchers

Post Training Feedback

Allows administration of trainers’ feedback and irregular incidents during training delivery

Evaluation Analytics

Maintains evaluation feedback and print summary view as well as customer submission report

Certificate Management

Allows you to manage trainees of scheduled courses and automate printing of certificates

Contact Management

Maintain collaborative information of employees & activities managed by their supervisors

Talent Development Project Management

Manage entire curriculum and Talent Development projects for employee competency gap mitigation or career pathway planning

Intranet / Cloud Service

Use TRAINEX as a stand-alone intranet system or utilize it’s flexible and secure cloud SAAS subscription

Powerful Report Generator

Search and Print multiple formats of report with date range, value strings, unique program tags, and more

Advanced Training Needs Analysis Intelligence

TRAINEX’s TNA module allows you to perform instant training needs analysis at an Individual level, Departmental level, Site level or  Global level in seconds. With a single additional mouse click you can view all the supporting evidence for an individual to investigate the reason for their training requirement.

Powerful competency reporting tools will give you instant visibility of training needs, however large your organisation is.

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